Group Classes

Combat stress & align with your body’s innate wisdom

  • Virtual classes are hosted on Zoom – come as you are. Bring a friend, do some pajama yoga, turn up the pace, or sit back and watch. However you choose to practice is welcome.

Flow & Breathe

Gentle vinyasa yoga and breath work practice

All levels | low intensity | group class

Refreshing, balancing, relaxing

Flow & Breathe is a mindful vinyasa flow practice with pranayama – Sanskrit for yogic breath work. Class will begin and end with relaxing breathing techniques to calm the nervous system.

Vinyasa style yoga strings together sequences of poses, using the breath to guide movement. A marriage of Ashtanga, Hatha, and Iyengar styles, McKinzie’s vinyasa instruction focuses on comfortable alignment and self compassion over core workouts and handstands. All this movement prepares the body for final rest, with an invitation to cover the eyes and brow.

Flow & Yin

Gentle vinyasa and yin yoga asana practice

All levels | low intensity | group class

Grounding, calming, deep stretch

Flow & Yin is a combination vinyasa and yin yoga practice – you may have practiced Viniyin or Yinyasa before.

Something different than your traditional power vinyasa class, yin style yoga holds poses for longer periods of time, between 3-10 minutes. Focusing the restorative benefits of the physical yoga practice reveals a peaceful meditation in motion and stillness. Class will warm up with a slow flow, then sink in and spend the second half on the ground. Expect an easy-to-follow flow and deep stretching.

Intentional movement

Classes begin with a moment of gratitude, an invitation to set an intention for our time together. By honoring yoga’s roots, we are guided by all 8 limbs and teachings of yoga- the physical poses, asana, is only one piece of the puzzle. We practice in hopes of our yoga practice spreading far beyond the mat in our thoughts, words, and actions. Living in awareness can make all the difference when making plans or finding peace.

What Students Have To Say

“You can tell from the moment class begins how much time, care and thought McKinzie has weaved into each of her lessons. From the movements, to the music and sounds, to how she guides you through your practice; every aspect has been intentionally, lovingly, and masterfully chosen… the result of this is a space that feels truly welcoming, inclusive, and safe.”

– Eva

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