An at-home yoga practice gives you the opportunity to connect, without the worry of “fitting in” at a studio.

No dress code, no travel, donation-based, accessible yoga: pre-2020, it sounded like a dream. Now, it’s reality. Classes with McKinzie will leave you feeling relaxed, in-tune, and looking forward to your next practice, all without leaving your home base.

Use this information to find which class suits you best, plan out your mat space, and bring yoga into your home.

Head to the FAQ for additional support, or reach out with any questions.

Class Descriptions

Yin Yoga & Meditation

Beginner + all.

Calming, deep stretch, restorative.

A slow, yin style yoga class. Expect deep stretching and relaxing breath work to calm the nervous system. By taking time to practice physical yoga postures and meditation with a compassionate mindset, we are honoring yoga’s core principles.

Something different than your traditional power vinyasa class, yin style yoga holds passive poses for longer periods of time. Focusing on the breath and the restorative benefits of the physical yoga practice reveals a peaceful meditation in motion and stillness. We will warm up with a slow flow, then sink in and spend class on the ground. There will be a short meditation after final rest.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

Levels 1-2.

Dynamic, balancing, energizing.

Vinyasa style yoga. A refreshing class for levels 1-2. Flow into balancing, twisting, or bending postures to stimulate the body and mind, with generous time to stretch and relax afterwards. Wobbles and shakes welcome! Bring your body as it is and adapt the practice to your desire; each student is encouraged to adjust and modify to their own pace and comfort level throughout class.

Intentional yoga asana

Classes begin with a moment of gratitude, an invitation to set an intention for our time together. By honoring yoga’s roots, we are guided by all 8 limbs and teachings of yoga- the physical poses, asana, is only one piece of the puzzle. We practice in hopes of our yoga practice spreading far beyond the mat in our thoughts, words, and actions. Living in awareness can make all the difference when making plans or finding peace.

Guidance for online class


Join me in creating a calm space in your home to practice. A clear, safe area of at least 6×6 feet and an internet connection is all that’s needed for you to join class. If you wish, please bring a yoga or exercise mat, blanket, water, and a small towel. Feel free to include anything else that may give you more comfort and ease, such as a pillow, earbuds, books/blocks, or other props.

Class etiquette

Participants will automatically be muted with their cameras off. Please keep your microphone off during class, unless you are sharing a comment or question. You are encouraged to turn on your camera and participate! Join at any time you are able. There will be brief conversation held at the beginning and end of our time together.


Follow these links to get extra prepared for class. You will not be allowed into the Zoom room without completing the student waiver!


Donations are accepted for classes, but not required. Your participation gives me the ability to gain experience and develop Gracefully McKinzie Yoga. There will be a sliding-scale payment option when you register for class through Interval.

The Teacher

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