June Workshop:

Intro to Pranayama

  • 90 minutes to learn, discuss, and practice all things breath work (pranayama)
  • Dive into 4 breathing techniques
  • 5-part yoga practice also includes gentle hatha yoga, meditation, reflection, and discussion
  • Downloadable workshop packet

July Workshop:

Yoga for Anxiety

  • 120 minutes to explore yogic strategies to manage anxiety and symptoms related to stress
  • Combination yoga practice with 3 styles of yoga: vinyasa, yin, and hatha. Feel the impact of flow vs passive poses on the thinking mind
  • 5- part practice includes asana, breath work, journal reflection, group discussion, and meditation
  • Downloadable workshop packet

August Workshop:

Align & Integrate

  • 120 minutes to explore Ayurveda and yoga to shape your mornings, days, and nights.. Integrate the yogic mindset into your everyday
  • Guidance on how to make the “post-yoga glow” last longer than your drive home from class
  • 5-part yoga practice includes lecture, discussion, and guided meditation to focus in on your goals. We will also practice gentle yoga asana and breath work
  • Downloadable workshop packet

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